Logo vs. Brand

It’s something that a lot of people mix up, and something that therefore creates a lot of difficulty when you’re trying to build your business.

So here it is, the difference between a logo and a brand, and why you need to know if you expect to have a successful marketing campaign.

Hands up who owns a small business and has gone to a designer expecting a cheap $250 job for a logo design? Come on, we know you did it. Did you get a price that seemed absolutely ridiculous? Like, a minimum wage worker’s yearly salary ridiculous? Let me put this into perspective.

An identity, or brand, is the gut feeling your customers receive upon viewing your logo, your products, your marketing collateral, your website, your employees, etc. Basically, the brand sums up your entire business; your views and values, the way you operate, your quality of service, everything.

Let’s take a look at Chanel. We see those two interwoven C’s and we think high fashion. We think quality, money, top of the range. We see people in Channel and we think that they must be very weathly. They’re glamourous. Why do we think this? Branding. It is not the logo that makes you think this, but the cleverly marketed core values of the company as a whole that makes you, the consumers, feel this way.

So we understand what a brand is, but how is it different to a logo? A logo is simply the foremost visual representation of this brand. It is a symbol that, when combined with all other aspects of the brand, represents in the best way possible these afore-mentioned gut feelings. A logo is not a brand, but merely a contributor to it: something that people can put a visual mark on whenever they think of it.

It is up to a designer to create this brand, this gut feeling, through all aspects of the designed material. We do not simply create a logo that means nothing and send you on your way. We create the entire base for this brand to grow and succeed.

It’s not about having the prettiest design, or making it pink because that’s your favourite colour. It’s about communicating who you are as a business. It’s about creating a message that your target market can receive without difficulty. And it’s about building an identity that can represent you in every aspect possible.

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