Why Lending a Hand is Good

How many times do you lend a helping hand to fellow designers?

Sometimes the design industry is a cutthroat business and it seems like it’s all about beating each other to the client by any means necessary, despite the impact it could have on you, or others.

Yet, what I have found is that design thrives on positive relationships and respect for one another. But sometimes we are so focused on getting as many clients as possible to keep a business floating that we take on projects that just aren’t right for us. And at the end of the day, it’s our job to provide the best solutions to those who have trouble communicating their company message. How can we do this if our heart isn’t quite in it?

I’m not saying give away all your clients to those less fortunate. But our industry thrives on networking with each other in a way that is beneficial to all. That might be passing on a client to someone you know could help them, whether the reason is that you’re too busy, their budget isn’t high enough, or the work isn’t right for you, it doesn’t matter. Or it might mean that you give some advice to someone you know is struggling. Maybe their prices are too low and you want to let them know how valuable they are. Or maybe they’re having trouble writing a piece of code and you know exactly what the issue is.

It’s also a great way to learn new things and get different perspectives on things you once had set in stone.

So here’s my little bit of a helping hand. I was more than flattered when I was asked by a friend of a friend to read over her assessment for her design course and help her to point herself in the right direction. Laura Trenberth is an up and coming layout designer, who has written an article on where she sees the future of design going. I was lucky enough to read over it, and offer my own opinions on design, amongst a number of other creatives she contacted, to help her find her own position on the industry and where it is headed.

Have a read of it here.

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